Sarah Di

be loved

March 02, 2022

I was first interested in the realm of vocaloid music out of middle school nostalgia. I revisited the genre last winter out of a desire to contextualize and analyze what I had listened to (a lot) back then. And after listening to many vocaloid songs, two things stuck out to me: the majority of the vocaloid songs I heard used feminine sounding voicebanks, and the majority were produced by mainly male composers for majority male audiences.

The vocaloid industry also builds entire personas for these voicebanks, the most popular example of which is Hatsune Miku. The public reaction to Hatsune Miku, who some describe as a virtual idol and others as a tool, broaches multiple questions about use of the female persona solely for aesthetics or as an object of display.

Watching these vocaloid music videos made me increasingly aware of the implicit manipulation of women in these videos, some of which depict little girls going through abuse and sexual trauma. I wanted to make my own vocaloid song as a direct commentary on this objectification. I also thought it would be interesting if this project was complicated by the fact that the theme is being injected into the very genre the commentary is about.

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